Innovation and progress are breaking new ground in the world of translation, and Lichi Translations is at the forefront of technology in terms of advanced and innovative translation tools. We regularly attend international conferences, learn about the best advances in the profession, and implement tools and methods that streamline work processes and shorten translation delivery times for our clients.

Managing the translation workflow online

Lichi Translations is a global SMARTCAT ambassador. As such, we have implemented an advanced CAT (computer-aided translation) system for project management and information sharing between us and our team of translators. The use of advanced technology allows us to perform work more quickly and more efficiently while maintaining uniformity in terms of concepts and style.

  • Thanks to this management system, we can store files on a secure cloud, assign projects to translators who connect to it online, control and track the pace of translators’ work, and get statistics on the number of files, the number of words, and the number of repetitions of words in each project.
  • With the help of the system, we can support a wide variety of files in different formats, even very complex formats that a standard computer cannot open, and extract the texts for translation from there. Upon completion, we submit both the translated file in the original format and the bilingual file for proofreading and quality control purposes.
  • The system stores the translated content in the cloud and allows us to build a translation memory of it for the customers, so that if texts or parts of texts have been translated in the past, there is no need to re-translate them. This capability is especially useful in case of updates.
  • A glossary can be uploaded to the system that will serve all the translators working on the project.

Website translation

Do you want your website to appeal to English-speaking or other language speaking audiences, local or global? If you’re interested in adding translated pages to your existing site, we can save you time and effort on sending the files for translation, setting up the pages, and uploading the translated content to the site, by using an advanced interface for quick and automatic construction of translated websites at the click of a button.
Among the satisfied customers for whom we’ve translated websites using the interface are Flying Cargo, Aran Group, and Akim.

Machine translation post editing

Google and other companies are striving to develop a technological solution for translation at the click of a button.

At present, one of the leading trends in the world of translation is MTPE (machine translation post editing), i.e., using machine translation as the basis for professional editing by a human translator/editor.

We at Lichi Translations provide this service to our clients, which allows us to significantly shorten delivery times. We work with several advanced search engines (not just Google), check which one gives the best results for any given text, and provide it to our translators to edit until a quality translation is obtained as a final result.

Simultaneous interpretation

In the Covid-19 pandemic, we all appreciate the great benefit of technology that allows us to have a fluent conversation with a Japanese client, or listen to a quality interpretation of a lecture in Germany from our living room in Los Angeles. But the truth is that, even before the pandemic, remote interpretation had become one of the hottest fields in the world of translation, and many start-ups continue to develop and improve technologies, allowing us to enjoy quality interpretation in real-time, from any language and from anywhere in the world.
Remote interpretation technologies are especially suitable for conferences delivered online to viewers around the globe, simultaneous interpretation or consecutive interpretation during webinars, and interpretation for conference calls and phone calls. All these forms of interpretation are carried out in real-time by interpreters who are not physically present where the speakers are. Of course, the audience doesn’t have to be present at the scene either and can connect remotely through the interface.

Thus, to help you communicate with the world even from your favorite armchair at home, we, at Lichi Translations, stay connected to companies providing diverse solutions for remote interpretation. We would be very happy to provide you with advanced capabilities and tailor our services to give you exactly what you need.