Lichi Translations’ extensive experience enables us to offer a wide range of translation services, including written translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, remote interpretation, medical translation, technical translation, marketing translation, financial translation, translation of websites and books, and localization services.

To fully support your business activities, we also provide additional services: copywriting, transcription, video subtitles, QA for texts on websites or apps, graphic layout and DTP in designated software, and more.

Technology in the world of translation is vital. We at Lichi Translations use the most advanced technological tools to streamline written translation processes, to automatically set up translated pages on websites, the use of remote translation platforms – consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, and more. We participate in international conferences on translation and localization and bring technological innovations to our clients.

Our extensive experience, along with a professional team of project managers, translators, and interpreters worldwide, has made it possible for us to stand by our clients and provide them with tailor-made and innovative solutions. We provide personal around the clock customer service, as well as reliable and uncompromising quality of translation.