Many companies that conduct international business activities are sometimes required to present financial reports in foreign languages. These are important for various needs including board and directorate meetings, public offerings, investor recruitment, acquisition, and merger processes, replies to tenders, reporting to tax authorities, and more.

Translation of documents and info related to finance, economics, and accounting requires a great deal of uncompromising attention and accuracy from the translators performing the task, as even the smallest mistake in comprehension or typing, by even one digit, can sometimes change the whole picture. Financial translators need to be extremely proficient in the correct professional terms and formats used to write reports, both in the country of origin and as well as in the target country.

We employ financial translators with a financial background and understanding who translate, among other things, business reports and periodic statements, balance sheets and prospectuses, business plans, insurance policies, financial forecasts, valuations, banking accounts, and documents.

We at Lichi Translations have implemented leading technologies from the world of translation, which enable our translators to perform the translation accurately and reliably while maintaining the uniformity of the repeated terminology, even in long and complex documents.

In addition to the translation of the text and data, another professional skill our financial translators must consider is the layout of the file. The report must look impressive and clear, also in the target language.