To market or sell your products and services to foreign markets as well as to local audiences who speak foreign languages, you will need a reliable translation of your existing marketing materials: websites, catalogs, newsletters and brochures, presentations, app interfaces, PR posts, press releases, advertisements, product pages, articles, branded stationery and more.

Marketing translation is designed to open new doors for you and therefore must be done by a marketing-oriented translator, who is skilled in conveying messages in a convincing and faithful to the source manner. On occasion, the translator is also required to master specific writing techniques, such as formulating strong headings or show creativeness when translating names and slogans.

As a company that specializes in providing services to businesses, Lichi team possesses extensive experience in marketing translation. We employ a large pool of translators who master all languages at a native language level and are familiar with the small nuances of the culture of the target audience, things that are most important for successful communication in the field of marketing and sales.

In many cases marketing translation projects involve complex work in several languages on a very large scale. Here at Lichi Translations, we are ready to recruit and manage a large team of professional translators for you, who will work in parallel to provide you with all the necessary products at the highest quality and in short periods of time.