Website Content & Translations

In today’s world, the internet, specifically websites, represent the appearance of the company. Regardless of the product or service sold, a website is the first place potential customers look at, and examine extensively before making the purchase. They will look at the graphic images, the messages portrayed, and the online recommendations!


If you like to start the day with a swim in the sea, visit Israel. By Mikhal Heffer Two dolphins, enjoying a peaceful swim in the clear, fresh water of the Red Sea, suddenly found their tranquility disturbed. Their eyes opened wide in surprise and amusement at the sight of a large group of humans, […]

Spanish Translation Services

Recent studies demonstrate that more than 400 million people speak Spanish as a native language, qualifying the language as the second largest spoken after Mandarin.

French Translations – Lichi Style

Translations bridge a communication gap between people and businesses. Today, the French language is spoken by over 220 million people around the world, not only in the country of France, but also in in Belgium, Canada, and many African countries.

Lichi Translations case study

Technology, storytelling, and networking As a translation professional, you’re probably aware of the fact that the language industry is extremely crowded, which makes it difficult for many to set themselves apart from the competition. For translation professionals to thrive, they need an out-of-the-box approach to marketing. Mikhal Heffer, founder of Lichi Translations, is a translation professional […]

Simultaneous Translation

Does your organization need it?
Quite often, clients contact us for simultaneous interpretation but aren’t always aware that what they are actually asking for is consecutive translation and vice versa. These two services are extremely different and require a totally different setup. So let’s clear things up.

English – Hebrew Translations

Translators and interpreters all recognize the fact that the Hebrew language is a vastly different from English. The two languages’ origins are dissimilar, they sound different, are written with different characters and spoken in a different cultural context.

So what are the challenges in translating from English to Hebrew or vice versa?

Exhibition Preparations with the Right Translation

Showcasing at an exhibition, especially one abroad, takes months of planning and a variety of resources, depending on how involved you are going to be (i.e. exhibiting or just visiting, booth size, how many of your team are travelling, meeting setups etc.). Many of the organization’s departments are involved too, including finance, marketing, sales, and even senior management.

Check List for Trade Show Exhibitors

If your company has decided to attend or participate at an exhibition, we’ve got some great tips collected by our expert translation and business team to help you prepare and get the most of the event!

Types of Translations

The world has evolved to become a large global arena, bringing together different cultures, traditions and languages. So, how do companies correctly communicate messages in such a diverse arena? The answer lays in translations and the types of translations.