Why Translation is Essential for the Medical Industry

Accurate translations are essential to any business with a global reach. This is especially true in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. The consequences of inaccurate software translations in these fields go beyond stalling research and production effort: If certain key documents, processes, and related softwares are mistranslated, patients could be harmed.

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Chinese Interpreters and Translators

Over 20% of the world’s population, more than 1 billion people, speak the Chinese language. This makes it the most spoken language in the world, with a great deal of impact on world commerce. Lichi Translations has extensive experience with the Chinese language, having provided translation and interpretation services to many types of organizations for over 20 years.

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Graphic Design and Translations

Organizations looking to create marketing materials for their international offices can clearly see a direct correlation between graphic design and the impact of the translated text. The human eye enjoys reading content that is presented in an attractive format. If the text is cramped and untidy, the reader may simply skip the content, whereas if the material is well-arranged and inviting, the reader will be more inclined to read it and even enjoy the content.

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Types of Translations

The world has evolved to become a large global arena, bringing together different cultures, traditions and languages. So, how do companies correctly communicate messages in such a diverse arena?  The answer lays in translations and the types of translations.

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Exhibition Preparations with the Right Translation

Showcasing at an exhibition, especially one abroad, takes months of planning and a variety of resources, depending on how involved you are going to be (i.e. exhibiting or just visiting, booth size, how many of your team are travelling, meeting setups etc.). Many of the organization’s departments are involved too, including finance, marketing, sales, and even senior management.

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English – Hebrew Translations

Translators and interpreters all recognize the fact that the Hebrew language is a vastly different from English. The two languages’ origins are dissimilar, they sound different, are written with different characters and spoken in a different cultural context.

So what are the challenges in translating from English to Hebrew or vice versa?

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Simultaneous Translation

Does your organization need it?

Quite often, clients contact us for simultaneous interpretation but aren’t always aware that what they are actually asking for is consecutive translation and vice versa.  These two services are extremely different and require a totally different setup. So let’s clear things up.

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Website Content & Translations

In today’s world, the internet, specifically websites, represent the appearance of the company. Regardless of the product or service sold, a website is the first place potential customers look at, and examine extensively before making the purchase. They will look at the graphic images, the messages portrayed, and the online recommendations!

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