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Lichi Translations is not only about words.

Knowing that a first impression is gained even before reading the content properly, we convey the message of the translated content with the help of the layout and graphic design. We offer a total solution, from translation to print production, with special attention to the cultural factors involved in layout and design, providing our clients with a finished product. Our designers ensure that the format of the translation is based on that of the original language. When the client does not have a design, we can provide the graphic design itself, using a team of designers whom we employ.

Layout and graphic design elements included in our translation services:

  • Positioning texts within graphics files.
  • Replacing the original text with the translated text, while preserving the existing design (position of the text, font size, uniformity, colors and headings).

Which details receive special attention during the process of layout and graphic design?

  • Translations are offered in a range of design formats and software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrameMaker, InDesign and more.
  • At all stages of translation, special care is taken to ensure that content is not deleted because of changes in the length of the text.
  • The layout aligns the text to the right or the left according the target language.
  • The translation product you choose undergoes a special layout and design process that produces the “look” that best matches the end-product you desire, be it a catalog, company profile, brochure or business card.
  • We produce the file in PDF format in low resolution for proof-reading and in high resolution for printing.
  • Print production of the files after design, and supervision of the printing process.

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