We have hundreds of experienced professional interpreters for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, accompanying delegations, conferences and conventions, business meetings and so on. Naturally, every interpreter has native-level proficiency in his or her language, additionally we provide an interpreter who has expertise in the necessary field.


Lichi Translations offers interpreting services based on our pool of thousands of interpreters worldwide.

We can provide an immediate, quality solution for all your interpreting needs, even if you contact us at the last minute.

Our highly skilled interpreters can be found all over the world. Whether you’re traveling to an exhibition overseas, organizing a distributors’ conference or running a training course for customers, we can provide a total solution wherever your location might be.

Apart from its global nature, our pool of professionals not only includes the more common languages but also specializes in rarer languages.

Sample consecutive interpreting projects:

  • Israel Aircraft Industry – teams of English to Russian interpreters have been providing interpretating services for training courses in Israel and Russia for nearly 5 years.
  • Amdocs – a two-month project in which a team of more than a dozen English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English interpreters translated during meetings with Latin American clients at the company’s headquarters.
  • Leading Israeli hospitals, including Tel Hashomer and Ichilov – a team of Hebrew-English interpreters was assigned to the accreditation process leading to an international standards certification.
  • A communications company in Ecuador – teams of interpreters for meetings.

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