• Lichi Translations Ltd (herein: "Lichi")

    Translator Non-Disclosure Declaration

  • ​I Hereby undertake and declare​

    • I am fully capable of providing high quality translation/interpretation services for the projects assigned to me by Lichi.
    • I will keep absolutely secret and undisclosed any information that I receive directly and/or indirectly from Lichi or any of its clients or suppliers. I am aware that this information is confidential and proprietary for Lichi and/or it’s clients.
    • I hereby agree not to pass the information, directly or indirectly, myself or through any third party, for any commercial or noncommercial purposes, to any third party without Lichi's prior written consent.
    • I will not use any of the information acquired during my work for any personal or commercial purposes whatsoever. This information will remain confidential during and after the time of this agreement.
    • For the purpose of this declaration "information" means: any and all contact information, clients including potential clients, other translators or personnel introduced by Lichi, trade secrets, prices, translation content including translation memory, all strategic and development business plans, ideas for processes, business records, project records and all other information disclosed by Lichi or it's clients, or that are generated as a result or in connection with Lichi.
    • I will return to you immediately upon first request any and all copies of the confidential information in my possession.
    • I will not discuss or disclose any of my financial arrangement with Lichi with any third party.
    • For my services I will be paid by Lichi the sums of money, as agreed upon between us in writing according to each project.
    • If translation quality is impaired, or justified complaints are received from the client, I will provide full support and correct whatever is needed with no extra charge. If the client is still unsatisfied, Lichi will be entitled to deduct a fee from my payment.
    • I hereby declare that these contractual undertakings will not, in any way, create any working relationship between me and Lichi and I will not be considered as Lichi's employee in any way.

    This declaration shall remain in force unless cancelled by either parties in writing. The obligations in this declaration shall survive any termination of this Agreement.

    I fully understand that the above obligations are essential for Lichi and that Lichi would not have contracted with me otherwise, therefore, any breach of the abovementioned will entitled Lichi to initiate legal actions including any injunction order.

    The validity, interpretation and performance of this undertaking and declaration shall be governed only by the laws of the State of Israel. No change, modification, alteration or additional to any provision of this declaration shall be binding unless in writing and signed by a Lichi managers.

    This declaration is valid for as long as I work with Lichi and for 36 months after that.

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