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Over the years, we at Lichi Translations have established a broad, diverse network of contacts. We are members of the Association of Chambers of Commerce, and the international networking organization – BNI.

Through our translation services, we have developed close relationships with our clients. Networking serves the interests of our clients too. Clients turn to us if they are looking for a solution in a foreign country, whether it’s legal advice, personnel recruitment, or a link to strategic contacts. We are happy to share our vast pool of international connections with our clients and to provide them with first-rate contacts.

You can find a great deal of information on our blog and through our social network activity (YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn). The online presence Lichi has built is an additional facet of our networking and it enriches our relations with our clients considerably. You are invited to join us. To join our mailing list, please fill in the “contact us” form or e-mail us: lichi@lichi.co.il

BNI activities and networking

About BNI

Some of Lichi Translations’ networking activity is conducted through the international networking organization known as BNI (Business Networking International).

BNI is an international business organization that operates using the technique of referral based marketing. More than 6000 chapters exist throughout the world, with close to 170.000 members. I am a member of one of the approximately 50 chapters that exist in Israel. The chapter includes members from a variety of business fields and professions.

How does it work?

Each member of the chapter generates connections and business referrals for other members in the chapter likewise, gains referrals and contacts for himself/herself. The members of the chapter, as well as a large number of guests, meet weekly, and each one is allowed a brief exposure to convey a marketing message to the entire forum. In addition to the chapter sessions, individual, “one-on-one” meetings take place, in which members have an opportunity to get to know each other better, and be better able to forge useful business connections.

Why are we active in BNI?

  • It really works for us – generating referrals to translation projects and extending and deepening our network of business connections in Israel and abroad.
  • BNI is a challenge for us – every week, Mikhal Heffer, Lichi’s CEO, presents something new about translation, polishes the company’s marketing messages, determines what business contacts are important to us, and each time, presents a different slant on our translation services.
  • Networking always brings surprises – and we get referrals from the most unexpected places. Joining BNI has played a vital role for us in developing new fields, new marketing ideas and new connections.
  • 50 business people help us to market our translation services, keep us in mind while they do business with their clients, initiate cooperation, and constantly enrich our thinking.
  • Lichi Translations has forged connections with clients worldwide, thanks to the extensive international activities of the organization.
  • BNI is an international organization and as members of the international organization, we receive a considerable number of referrals from all over the world.

Some of the clients who found us through our connections in BNI:

Verint Systems, Shikun & Bunui, Orca Interactive, NTA, the Israel Chamber of Commerce, BCRE, Schneider Electric, 360 (London), Schroders (London), Brand Vision (Paris), Terratech (USA), The Creative Clinic (London), Lynx (Germany).

Why is it worthwhile to come to a meeting?

  • Present your business and your work to more than 50 people.
  • Get to know a high-quality group of professionals who may be potential clients and/or suppliers.
  • Ask for referrals for your business.

Come and try a BNI meeting, experience a real networking session – one that works for you. You can find the nearest branch on the website www.bni.com. If you’re interested in hearing further details, please fill in the “contact us” form or e-mail us at: lichi@lichi.co.il

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