Our approach

Lichi Translations is first and foremost, people. People located all over the globe who are there to utilize their language skills and know-how to help you conduct your business in a foreign language and a foreign environment.

Lichi Translations is all about connecting: connecting people of different backgrounds, connecting companies from different places, connecting services of different types.

We offer solutions for all your business needs that require a foreign language.

Connecting is what we love doing and what makes us begin each day with a smile.

Once we are with you, we are with you all the way – whether it’s fielding a 3 AM phone call from a Japanese translator, locating a specialist in a field we have never heard of, or meeting with you over a cup of coffee to help you come up with a solution to the problems you are having with your Vietnamese supplier.

In English it’s called 24/7. We call it commitment.

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