Legal Translations

Translation of legal contracts, statements of claim, notarization of documents, certificates, financial reports, directors’ reports, patents, etc. – legal translation is a complex field that requires maximum accuracy in every detail and a knowledge and understanding of law and legal terminology. That’s why we employ translators and interpreters who have a mother-tongue-level command of legal terminology and can deliver a high-quality, accurate translation that relays every single detail. 

Sample Projects:

  • IDB – Hebrew to English financial and legal translation of company agreements and reports
  • Yigal Arnon & Co. Law Firm – translation of legal and financial documents for the firm’s clients in a variety of languages, including Hebrew, English, Dutch and Spanish
  • Terra Tech (USA) – Chinese to English translation of legal documents
  • Winestok Zehavi – translation of affidavits and notarized documents into various languages
  • Public Defense – Hebrew- and Thai-speaking court interpreters
  • Eytan Liraz & Co. Law Offices – Hebrew to English translation of legal documents
  • Notarized translation of personal certificates and documents, licenses and agreements, with notarization of signatures 

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