Transcription, subtitles & voice-over

One of the translation services we offer is transcription of recordings, and in the case of video clips, preparation of translated subtitles and voice-over in all languages.

New interface for translated subtitles on YouTube

YouTube offers its users a new, revolutionary interface for translated subtitles. Instead of burning a separate text file for each language on each video clip, it is now possible to add to your YouTube account a large number of texts in every language on a single clip, thus allowing a large number of translated subtitles on the same clip.

Google scans each layer of text separately. In other words, all the translated subtitles in one language are scanned together with the subtitles translated into another language. This means that the more subtitles translated into different languages which a video clip has, the better the search engine results will be.

We recommend that you transcribe your video clip and translate it into as many languages as possible. And, naturally, we would be happy to provide you with this service.


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