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Producing a written translation which accurately conveys the message is a craft, requiring meticulous attention to detail and the ability to see the overall picture. That’s what makes the difference, and that’s how we at Lichi produce a high quality, boutique translation for you.

We have hundreds of translators all over the world on file, all of whom have a native command of the language in which they work, and we select a translator according to his or her expertise in the field required by the client.

We provide written translation services in the following fields:

  • Technical documentation – translation of technical material for hundreds of high-tech companies. For the past 5 years we have been working with the Israel Aircraft Industry, translating from English to Russian training manuals, containing thousands of pages, millions of words..
  • Legal translations – we translate legal contracts, statements of claim and statements of defense and legal files for dozens of law offices.
  • Medical translations – Lichi’s clients include medical device development companies, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. We translate a wide range of material, such as specifications for complex systems, clinical research, and hospital and institutional regulations.
  • Patents – translation of patents is complex and requires a specific style of writing. The translator’s expertise in the field, and nuanced understanding of the topic is especially important, since the document produced is subject to very close scrutiny during the critical process of patent registration.
  • Websites – translation of websites requires particular sensitivity to intercultural issues. We translated the website of the American diamond company Diamonds USA from English to Chinese and Spanish. Even the stories that appeared on the site were translated in a way appropriate to the target language, e.g., the names John and Mary were changed to Zhang and Chen in Chinese and Diego and Claudia in Spanish.
  • Company profiles and marketing material – we make sure to translate in a style appropriate for the target audience and to layout the texts to match the graphic format, so that the message is presented in a way that is visually pleasing and easy to read.
  • Notarized documents and immigration documents – including birth and marriage certificates, driving licenses and police clearance certificates. If the notary is not familiar with the target language, the translator signs a declaration in his presence stating that the translation is true to the original. Some of our clients are private individuals who wish to marry foreign residents (e.g., from Asia, Eastern Europe) and require documents for the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Books – we have translated books into a variety of foreign languages.

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