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One of the things we love to do is to connect people and to give businessmen and women, who share common business interests, the opportunity to get acquainted, share information, exchange business cards, and perhaps even close a deal with each other. And, if it is possible, at the same time, to enrich their knowledge with some insights from businessmen or women who have already been there and done that, well, why not?

To this end, we created the Lichi Business Forum, a business event that takes place every few months, lasting a few hours, and highlighting a different international market each time.

The beginning was humble: the forum was launched in 2010 with a modest gathering held in a living-room and attended by a few business people, most of whom had business interests in the Asian market. From one meeting to the next, the forum expanded and the numbers outgrew the living-room. The forum began to hold its events in various auditoriums and guest lecturers were added, with each session devoted to a different area of interest: business in China, India, Vietnam, etc., and anything related to the Asian business world.

A large part of each session was devoted to networking and getting to know other participants: self-presentation, “speed-dating” style networking and long breaks for mingling. The long, diverse list of guest lecturers includes business people who shared some of their practical experience, academics, and even politicians!

After three years of sessions that were dedicated almost entirely to the Asian business world, we decided to extend the scope of the forum to include additional fields and regions of the world. The recent events focused on Latin America and Africa!

The meetings take place every few months and are publicized through our mailing list. To join, please fill in the “contact us” form or e-mail us at: lichi@lichi.co.il

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