If there is a place where a translator is forbidden to cut corners, it’s in the field of Medical Translation. Any mistake or deviation here from the meaning – even in the slightest – can cause irreversible damage and may even endanger lives. Lichi in Israel is an expert in medical translation. 

For these reasons, we at Lichi Translations take the issue of medical translation very seriously and make sure to work only with qualified and skilled translators. These are experienced people who are well acquainted with the professional terminology and are fluent in the relevant language at a mother tongue level.

Many of the translators we use for medical translation have medical training: doctors, nurses, researchers and more.

Lichi is an experienced medical translation agency in Israel. Over the years, we’ve accumulated extensive know-how in medical translation for local institutions and organizations, importers and manufacturers as well as for private individuals. We’ve also  accompanied many hospitals during their accreditation processes (obtaining a global seal of approval). Projects included written translation of hospital regulations as well as interpretation services for teams of JCI inspectors.

A significant part of medical translation is the translation of operating manuals and user guides for high-tech and medical equipment companies that export abroad. An additional aspect is to assist distributors who import medical equipment and must meet the Israeli Ministry of Health’s standard for multilingual user leaflets.