80 million people in the world speak Korean which is the official language in North Korea and South Korea, and it is also the official language of Yanbian, the Korean Autonomous Prefecture in the Jilin Province. In addition to these countries, communities of Korean speakers can also be found in the countries of the former Soviet Union, USA and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Philippines, Brazil and South Africa.

About 50% of the Korean language is based on the vocabulary and letters of the Chinese language, and it has a lot in common with the Japanese language as well. For this reason, translating from Chinese or Japanese to Korean is considered a relatively easy translation task compared to translating to and from Korean to English and other European languages.

As a translation agency that began its operations in the Asian markets, the Korean language has always been an important part of Lichi Translations’ repertoire. We have dozens of Korean translators at our disposal in South Korea (no, we haven’t reached North Korea yet) and in other places around the world to provide an immediate response to clients doing business in this language.