Case Studies

The Importance of an interpreter in the Court Room

A discussion with Aviva Galai, Lawyer at Lev Natarevich & Co. Law Office

During a court trial, it is vital that there is clear communication and understanding between all parties including: the Judge, the lawyers and the person on trial.

But, what happens when the person on trial is not a native speak of the language? Can it effect the trial’s outcome? The answer is most definitely – yes!

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Eytan Liraz & Co Law Offices

Lichi Translations often helps Law offices with various translation requirements. One example of that is Eytan Liraz & Co law offices. They are an Israeli law firm who mainly specializes in commercial law, litigation, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology law and real-estate transactions.

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Interpretation Services for Haifa Chemicals

Haifa Chemicals – literally – touches the lives of every one of us. It exports potassium nitrate for use in the production of smartphone touch screens.

For this project, Lichi Translations’ team chose a native Chinese interpreter with an education in chemical engineering and total proficiency in the terminology.

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French to English & Korean Translations

The head office of Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris believes that in order to sell a product effectively, you have to understand how the product is created and how the environment in which it produced makes it what it is.

We were asked to supply simultaneous interpreters to translate from French to English and Korean. After a careful search, we found interpreters who also had expertise in this field, and the project was on.

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Missing Out on Potential Customers Due to Language Barriers

For the past couple of decades, countries have opened their borders increasingly to foreigners, and in doing so, have strengthened business and travel relations. This trend has opened doors to a completely new public, including many potential new customers!

Is your business losing out financial opportunities due to communication gaps?

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