One of Lichi Translations’ favorite centers of expertise is our interpreting services, or consecutive interpretation – as it’s called in our professional jargon. In Israel, Lichi is one of the leaders in language interpretation.

We’re a long-established interpretation agency in Israel that highly values direct human contact. We love people, love communicating and understand how frustrating it can be to sit across a potential colleague while lacking the ability to converse and understand each other.

Consecutive interpretation is an important way to assist in building relationships with a counterpart where there’s no common language. It’s therefore crucial to have a trustworthy, pleasant and professional interpreter at your service.

Lichi Translations offers interpreting services based on our pool of hundreds of interpreters worldwide. We will interpret, whether you’re traveling to an exhibition overseas, organizing a distributors’ conference, or running a training course for customers and more.

Each of our professionals with mother-tongue proficiency is meticulously paired by Lichi to receive projects that professionally match the discipline they are best familiar with.

Our highly skilled interpreters can be found all over the world. Are you traveling to an exhibition abroad? Organizing a distributer conference? Providing client training courses? We offer solutions everywhere and at any time – globally.

Need online interpretation services? Digital conferences? Webinars? Zoom meetings? Conference-calls? Here too, we can offer both technological and personal tailor-made interpretation solutions.

The interpretation world is experiencing a revolutionary technical breakthrough. Consequently we offer various high-tech platforms to support different kinds of events that require adding an interpretation channel. Want a consultation? Need to check which platform or technology will best suit your event? We’ll be happy to assist and consult.

Lichi is a skilled and experienced interpretation agency in Israel that undertakes multilingual interpreting projects for a wide scope of clients. We work around the world.