Over 450 million people in the world call their midday nap “Siesta” in their native tongue, and over 100 million more people speak Spanish as a second language.

Lichi Translations has many years of experience in translating into Spanish for a variety of businesses, institutions and private clients. Since our global team of translators is spread across all Spanish-speaking countries, we know how to tailor the translation to the target audience in the various countries and are able to guarantee our clients a quality translation, which conveys both the content and the spirit of the matter in a manner which is accurate and faithful to the original.

Thanks to our extensive experience in Spanish translation for a wide range of clients, you are able to enjoy high quality and professional translations – both written and oral. Our global team of translators is deployed in all Spanish-speaking countries, so we know how to adapt the translation to the various destination countries. The Spanish spoken in Spain is different from the Spanish spoken in Latin America countries, and the Spanish spoken in Mexico is different from the Spanish spoken in Argentina.