There’s always a strong demand for Spanish translation. With over 450 million native Spanish speakers around the world and almost 180 million of them speaking it as a foreign language, Spanish ranks as the second most used language globally after Mandarin Chinese. Lichi Translations in Israel excels in this field. 

Since English is the Number One language of the web, it’s natural that the frequency of English to Spanish translation is high. Care needs to be taken to master the right ‘type’ of Spanish. After all, the language in Spain is different from the Spanish spoken in Latin America countries. Mexican Spanish is spoken differently to the Spanish spoken in Argentina.

Lichi manages a global team of translators spread across all Spanish-speaking countries, so we know how to tailor the Spanish translation to the target audience in the various countries and find the truly authentic approach.

We guarantee our clients a quality translation, which conveys both the content and the spirit of the matter in a manner that’s accurate and faithful to the original text.

Lichi Translations has decades of experience in translating and interpreting into Spanish for variety of businesses, institutions and private clients.