About 420 million people speak Arabic around the world and for about 180 million of them it is their mother tongue. Arabic is the fourth most spoken language in the world and is the official language in 23 countries.

In Israel, Arabic has a special status, about 18% of the country’s residents, numbering 1.5 million people, speak Arabic as their mother tongue (and no, we did not include those from the military intelligence community).

For this reason, translations to and from Arabic are highly sought after in Israel, both by Israeli organizations and institutions that are committed to addressing the population in Arabic too, as well as by local and foreign businesses and companies, who wish to maximize the business potential of the market by appealing to the Arabic speakers in the country. Our clients also include companies that work with the Palestinian Authority market and neighboring Arab countries such as Egypt, Jordan, UAE

The Arabic language has two configurations: literary Arabic and spoken Arabic. Literary Arabic is uniform throughout the Arab world, while spoken Arabic has a large number of dialects that have developed based on geographical location and social status, and there are significant differences between them.

We have at our disposal a selection of skilled and certified translators who speak Arabic at a native level, from all over the Arab world (as well as in Israel, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority and even Dubai).

Whether it is legal translation, technical translation, medical translation or any other field, we make sure to assign each project with a professional and certified translator, who is proficient and fluent in the appropriate dialect and specializes in the relevant content field and the type of translation required.

Thanks to our considerable experience in translating into Arabic for a wide range of clients, you can enjoy high quality, professional written translation and interpretation services.