Japanese translation is an extraordinarily difficult task to do well. The reason is that the strong cultural and hierarchical differences impose a need to grasp a concept well in English and then find a suitable parallel in Japanese. This goes beyond ‘translation’ and into ‘transcreation’. Lichi in Israel has the expertise to do good Japanese translation.

The Japanese language reflects the hierarchical structure inherent in Japanese society. Social respect is also crucial: saying a sentence to a friend will be significantly different from how the exact sentence will be said in a business meeting or to a person we have just met. Only somebody who understands Japanese mentality and tradition well will be equipped to undertake successful Japanese translations.

Lichi Translations started out specializing in Asian languages and Japanese has always been an important part of our world. Over the years, we’ve managed dozens of Japanese translation projects, including accompanying delegations, technical and medical translations, marketing translations, app translation & localization, and more.

Our group of native Japanese speakers, located around the world, undertake many translation and interpretation projects.  They are at your service for any project concerning the Land of the Rising Sun, even at times of the day when the sun hasn’t yet risen…

Japanese is spoken by about 130 million people in Japan and in Japanese immigrant communities across the globe.