Do any of these situations sound familiar to you? Probably so!
  • “My wife knows English really well. Maybe she’ll translate for me”
    ? Well, not sure about that… A professional translator is proficient in the source language and a native speaker of the target language. So translation is his/her major field of occupation.

  • “What’s the problem, I’ll use the professional terms and nobody will be able to tell the difference”
    Oh, but they will! Every translator has unique areas of expertise, be it technical, legal, financial, medical, or marketing. Look for translators with specific education, knowledge and experience in translation. They’ll also have an excellent understanding of the professional content of the work.

  • “I have an excellent translator for my texts, she can also do my interpretation”
    There is a profound difference between written translation and interpretation, whether simultaneous or consecutive. Note that these are two separate skills – they’re not necessarily related to one another.

  • “They won’t pay any attention to him, he’s just the interpreter”
    In our experience, the personality of the interpreter is very important. He/she must be a conversationalist, open, quick-thinking, with the ability to summarize main points and bridge gaps between the parties.

  • “So some things will fall in the crack, it’s no big deal”
    Ah, but it can be a very big deal indeed. The work process must be thorough and controlled while maintaining a polished style, accuracy, and uniformity.

  • “Tomorrow, next week, what does it matter?”
    Yes, it does matter. We pay attention to client deadlines and break record after record in the rapid turn-around of urgent requests.

  • “Sometimes airplane, sometimes aeroplane; in the end, everyone will understand what’s meant”
    Using the same terminology throughout the text is very important. We take care to use the same team of translators for each client. Also, by applying advanced technological tools, we can maintain uniformity and consistency in translation – even for large projects.

  • “The translator was an engineer. I’m sure he’ll do a great job for our law firm”
    Be careful, since not all skills can transfer. We provide advice on adjusting the most appropriate translation service for the project, while taking into account professional and budgetary considerations.

  • “We’ve translated everything before, but now we have a new version and we need an urgent up-to-date translation!”
    To save you time and money, we save previously translated versions and use advanced technologies and software to update versions quickly when your product or service is upgraded.

  • “We need a really great translator. How do we find one?”
    We personally choose the most suitable translator for each project from a large, professional, and diverse pool of translators.
So a lot here is about ‘cutting corners’ in translation (i.e taking an amateur approach) which is the ONE thing that Lichi Translations never does!  Quality translation is a part of your quality business and we always follow that vital guideline.