Business owners! Do you wish to increase your exposure and sales to millions of internet users? While creating an advantage over your competitors? And reaching new language speaking audiences at minimum risk?

A translated website is the best way to expose your business and your services to audiences that do not speak your language, in your own country and abroad.

75% of internet users will prefer to make their purchases from a website that is in their own language, if your website is not translated, most internet users will not even consider making the purchase from you.

If you work in the international market even a website that is just in English is not necessarily enough. It is better for your website to be in any language your target audience speaks – Chinese, Russian, German, Japanese, Arabic and more.

Most countries would have a certain population that does not speak the country’s official languages at a mother-tongue level. A great deal of them will not visit your website if it is only in your own language, and thus you will miss out on this great potential.

We’ll translate your website so that your important audiences all feel ‘at home’ with their preferred language

In order to increase exposure, increase sales, contact us to translate your website into English, Russian, French, Spanish, Amharic and more.

Lichi Translations has extensive experience translating websites into various languages for dozens of customers in a variety of fields.

Lichi offers an innovative technological solution to streamline the site’s translation process:

  • Direct interface to your website
  • Send the pages for translation directly from your website
  • Automatically upload content back to your website including graphic elements.
  • Copy & paste? There’s no need for that anymore!
  • Huge savings of time and money
  • Streamlining!