In any English to Russian translation there can be many variations of one Russian word. So you really need to understand ‘contextual background’ when translating into Russian.

In addition, Russian translations take more space that English texts. Using ‘foreign’ words is also a problem. This is quite a package of considerations.

Lichi Translations in Israel has an extensive network of Russian-speaking professional translators for all types of translations, including written and oral translation, legal translation, technical translation, marketing translation and more.

These are skilled professionals with the right background to take charge of your Russian translation project and give it maximum effect.

280 million people worldwide speak Russian, and for about half of them, Russian is their mother tongue. It’s the most widely spoken language in Europe -as well as being widely used in the many countries that were part of the former Soviet Union. In Russian communities around the world, there’s much demand for good translation services.

Rely on us at Lichi Translations to undertake many Russian translation projects for a wide range of clients including businesses, manufacturing companies and security entities.