About a billion people around the world are fluent in English and a third of them speak it as their mother tongue.
English is the official language in many countries, it is also very common as a second language in other countries, and is the dominant language in the academia, business, high-tech, diplomacy and the world of entertainment.

English translation services are required by many companies to communicate with the world. Legal agreements, financial statements, content for websites, books, marketing materials, technical specifications, software, apps, are all part of the translation products we provide. From any language into English and from English into any language.

Throughout the 20 years of Lichi Translations’ activity, we have accumulated a great deal of experience in translating from Hebrew into English and from English into Hebrew. Most of our work is for business clients and government institutions, however, we provide English translation services to private clients as well.

We have also recently opened a LICHI COPY department where we provide a service for upgrading existing texts starting at the level of proofreading, editing, and up to writing content and copywriting texts in English.

As with the translation of any language, there is great significance to the selection of the translator, so define the professional field for us and we will make sure to match you with a professional and skilled English translator, who has the most suitable background for the needs of the project and target audience.

And now for a professional tip: if you need to translate written content from Hebrew to English, it is worth remembering that English translation increases the volume of the text by about 50%. Therefore, it is very important to take this into account in graphic design, print or digital, and to make sure you leave enough space for the translated text.