Our motto is “When you’re doing business, we’ll help you in all languages, ​​anywhere in the world”.

If you want a ‘top-down’ view of what Lichi is all about – this is the page! We at Lichi are far more than a translation agency in Israel. We’re a multi-lingual business communication center. Our wide scope of services was developed to support business people who need to build connections and relationships in the international market.

These are our major fields of activity:

Networking: In 2008, we joined Business Network International (BNI), the world’s largest networking organization. Since then, we’ve made thousands of connections and brought business people together all around the world. Read more

The Lichi Business Forum: For all international marketers, the Lichi Business Forum is the networking place to join. We have held many meetings focused on the Asian market and some on Africa and South America. Read more.

Professional information: How to choose a translation agency? Can you guarantee translation quality? How can you manage a translation project to several languages at once? We have compiled a ton of professional inputs that will save you a lot of mistakes, time, and money:


Lichi travels: Experiences from travel, conferences, and meetings in Israel and around the world. Read more about Lichi’s journeys on the road.

Articles: This is the place to deepen your knowledge of translation and get more information about our broad-based services. To read, click here.

Blog: We set up the Lichi blog about a decade ago to provide a more informal space for the personal stories behind the translations. Feel free to visit and enjoy customers’ stories, current affairs-related anecdotes, and experiences from the world of translation. To enter the blog, click here

The Lichi translation agency in Israel is set up to provide the most accurate and professional transition of business messages from any language to any other, for projects of every kind.