One of the professions that requires the highest level of skill in the world of translation is the work of the simultaneous interpreter. It has to be rapid, smooth and precise. Lichi in Israel is an expert in simultaneous interpretation.

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter must multitask – listen to what’s being said and at the same time translate conversations in real-time into the target language. There’s no time to think or ponder. Information must be conveyed instantly, fluently and without stuttering or delays!

Lichi Translations is a highly-regarded agency in Israel for simultaneous interpretation. Given the complexity of the task and the high concentration level required, this task must be performed in pairs -meaning two interpreters are assigned to the task, taking turns every 20 minutes. It’s also highly recommended to provide the background materials and presentations to allow interpreters to prepare in advance.

Simultaneous interpretation requires equipment, just like in the U.N, and takes place in an acoustic booth on the side of the room or sometimes even outside the room (via CCTV). Inside the booth, there’s an ‘interpreter unit’ through which the interpreters hear what’s being said as they translate directly into the microphone.

Nowadays we have systems that support remote simultaneous interpretation as well. This means that interpreters don’t have to be present at the venue but can connect via the Internet to an online event. What’s more, in today’s Covid times, the whole event can be a virtual one. Neither the audience nor the speakers have to be present at the venue.

Which system is most suitable for you? What type of equipment is required? You’re welcome to contact us for a consultation.

Lichi Translations in Israel serves businesses of every kind to implement smooth-running and successful simultaneous interpretation projects.