Technical translation demands a deep level of understanding from the translators who perform the work. This is why most of them have vast experience, technical background and education in compliance with the world of content in which the project deals.

Lichi technical translation agency in Israel is highly skilled, working in multiple technical translation areas and languages. Our extensive international database of technical translators have diverse professional backgrounds in the fields of computers, engineering, robotics, electricity, communications and more. We match them up as needed, based on their command of the required language and proficiency in the relevant knowledge necessary for each client and project.

Lichi Translations has rich technical translation experience for global companies, manufacturing plants, exporters, and importers. As part of this, our work included written translation of tens of thousands of documents for our clients, such as operating manuals, specifications, catalogs, manufacturer’s instructions, and other technical and engineering documents.

An integral part of the technical translation is the appearance of the document. We also provide a layout and graphic production service for the translated texts in a variety of software programs – as well as QA services in translated applications and software.

If you are in need of technical translation services, our project managers will be delighted to be at your service, ready to assign you with the most suitable professional. Lichi technical translation agency in Israel is committed to accurate technical translation and are able to provide it using the right team, translation technology, and quality control processes, from any language, into any language and in any field you require.