The clients at our translation agency in Israel are our greatest asset. We go to great lengths to give them the best possible service. 

Satisfied customers, we know, are repeat clients and the ones who bring in more clients as well. Winning that level of satisfaction is a journey that we happily take – no matter how many ‘bumps’ there may be along the way!

This approach has brought hundreds, if not thousands of clients to Lichi Translations over the years. With some, the work involved handling huge projects in many languages. With others, it was just a case of translating a few lines or double-checking translation quality.

The overriding point has always been this: No matter what’s the size of the job, we treat EVERYONE as as our most important client.

It makes our day to be able to connect that client with a potential customer – someone who purchases a service or product from him, or a potential supplier who can solve an urgent problem for him.

Our client network is spread over many industries in the economy:
  • aerospace
  • high-tech
  • agriculture
  • healthcare
  • security
  • services
  • lawyers and notaries
  • and more.


Visit our client testimonials page and see the many unprompted ‘votes of support’ that we’ve received from them. Click here