About 220 million people in the world can understand the words of the French chansons and for about 80 million of them the French language is their mother tongue.

French is the single official language in France. It is recognized as an additional official language in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, many countries in Africa, as well as in a limited number of countries in Asia. Furthermore, the French language is also used as one of the official languages of various international organizations including the European Union, the International Olympic Committee, and the United Nations.

Lichi Translations has extensive experience in translating various projects from and into French. Among other things, we performed technical translations for high-tech companies exporting to French-speaking countries, legal translations for law firms, and marketing translations for tourist sites.

Since Israel is a target destination for real estate investments for French Jews, many local companies and organizations that appeal to this market use our translation services as well.

French has a large number of dialects that differ significantly from each other and mainly – the French of France and the Canadian French. We make sure to match each French translation project with a translator who masters the correct dialect for the relevant target audience.

We have at our disposal a world-wide database of French-speaking professional translators who will be happy to provide you with a solution tailored specifically to your needs, providing fast service according to your schedules and who are under the close supervision of a personal project manager.