Amazon and Kindle make it much easier for writers to reach audiences from all over the world. A reliable translation can make all the difference when promoting the book with foreign book publishers, as well as in assisting its success at a later stage when it hits the market and goes on sale.

Lichi translations agency in Israel has extensive expertise in the book translation process. We know that translating a book becomes a part of the creation process and plays a key role in shaping the reading experience. So when we undertake a book translation project, we’re ready for the challenges involved. 

The work goes much further than the usual requirements of any translation. It demands accuracy in the details – understanding the meaning of the book and conveying the spirit of the author.

A good translator succeeds in bringing the unique voice of the writer to the readers, expressing the nature and personality of the various characters, and preserving characteristics and nuances such as humor and wit, linguistic integration, and even the spirit of the period.

All this gives the translator a personal voice that is very significant in achieving the end result.

We fully understand your need to choose an expert in book translation who will truly be able to represent you faithfully, in terms of writing style. From this understanding, before beginning the work, we provide you with some samples from different translators for you to choose from, with whom you will feel most comfortable with and who will help you achieve what you are aiming for.

Lichi Translations has an extensive database of book translators, for all languages and anywhere around the world. This enables us to offer you a large selection of options to choose from, under one roof, which saves you the need to embark on a long search for book translation services that will provide you with the voice you’re looking for.

So much effort goes into a book. Give it the best chance of success in translation by entrusting the book translation work to Lichi in Israel.