A Chinese named Itzik, a colorful carnival of delegations in Warsaw, an Italian-infused networking morning at Jaffa Port, and a translation project that began with a bat mitzvah trip to Paris and ended with a big smile on Fifth Avenue in New York.

The Lichi Translations team travels in Israel and around the world. In our travels, we’re always happy to combine business with pleasure. Not only do we get to know clients and suppliers and build relationships with them, but we also come away with some fascinating personal stories.

Whether it’s a fun picnic with a guided tour of an old Heritage site or a team-building outing to the Christmas celebrations in Nazareth, or attending an international translation conference; meeting a lovely Greek client in the middle of a family summer vacation.

In addition, we often attend international conferences of the translation industry, through which we learn and bring the best innovative solutions and the most advanced technological tools in the field to benefit our clients. We also love visiting BNI chapters around the world, introducing Lichi Translations and what it does, and creatint new opportunities and business connections.

What about you? Would you like us to come and visit you too? We’d be delighted to meet you face-to-face.

For now, we invite you to see our videos and read our posts in which we share some of the lovely experiences we had along the way.