Lichi is one of the foremost translation and interpretation agencies in Israel. It was founded in 1997 and built its reputation firstly as a specialist in Chinese and other Asian languages. A bold move!

The company’s founder, Mikhal Heffer, studied Chinese and East Asian studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Beijing University. She also worked for several years as a Chinese interpreter.

Over time the Lichi agency expanded into many additional languages and today handles a wide range of translations from any language to any other language. We support our clients both locally and internationally as they expand their global business by providing high quality and effective translations and interpretations.

Over the years the company has built an outstanding network of more than 4000 translators and interpreters around the world, specializing in many fields. Finding somebody with the right background and knowledge can make all the difference to the final outcome.

Whatever your translation or interpretation need, the Lichi translation and interpretation agency team in Israel will help you with a wide range of market-support activities.

  • Business and legal documents
  • Localization of product texts for local markets
  • Marketing communication and promotional materials
  • Training sets for new audiences
  • Online presence and marketing: websites, landing pages, social media content, video marketing
  • Professional training for foreign-speaking audiences
  • Support for business and marketing events: conferences, exhibitions, fairs
  • Business meetings, conference calls, delegations, and guests

Lichi’s approach

Lichi translations are first and foremost people. Our personal touch in everything that we do gives us an edge and is strongly felt in our client relations. We always look for the ‘bigger picture’ – to understand how our translations can move the business cycle forward and offer additional capabilities to help achieve this goal.  We’re also very updated on how AI and Machine Translation can fit into what we do. 

Our teams, located all over the globe, use their language skills and know-how to help you conduct your business in a foreign language and a foreign environment.

Lichi Translations is all about connecting: between different people with different backgrounds and between companies from diverse places. Our skill is being versatile and navigating between various types of services, solutions, languages, time zones.

In other words – we provide a comprehensive solution to any need related to doing business in a foreign language. Whenever your business needs a foreign language, we’ll be there for you.

Our passion is to connect people and businesses. It’s what gets us up every morning with a smile. 

And when we are with you throughout the process, it means we are there for you. That’s true even if it’s a phone call from a Japanese translator at three in the morning, even if it’s looking for an interpreter who specializes in a field we’ve never heard of, and even if it’s listening to the difficulties you have with the Vietnamese supplier.

In English it is called 24/7. We call it commitment and responsibility. Lichi – the agency choice in Israel for  translation and interpretation.