Lichi Translations blends translation with marketing writing skills to deliver powerful and convincing copy.

When operating in competitive international markets, an added effort is sometimes necessary to open doors and attract new business leads. That is why our translation agency in Israel established a new department, called Lichi Copy, to edit, proofread and upgrade any marketing texts.

The power of persuasion, focus and clarity

The role of Lichi Copy, staffed by senior English copywriters and editors, is to transform your texts and give them greater power to explain and convince.

International markets are highly competitive, underlining the importance for marketing messages to be sharp and focused.

How does editing integrate with translation work?

a) Translation – If you have texts primarily for the local market, Lichi Copy will first translate them to the respective target languages.

b) Adaptation – Based on your needs for overseas markets, we will adapt this content to have greater relevance for those markets. We will also ensure that the messages are short and easy to follow – especially when considering the mobile environment.

c) Style – If you have content written by several authors, our editor can unify their styles to give your text a coherent and proper tone.

d) Proofreading – If you want to check the quality of your texts for style, typos, or grammar mistakes, Lichi’s editors can polish your texts. If you would like your text to sparkle, a little editorial touch will make all the difference in the final reading experience.

e) Content writing and copywriting – If you lack content for your website or other marketing platforms, we would love to write content for you.

Appealing text is an excellent visiting card for your business. It opens doors for you and creates bonds. So if you want your texts to convey your message perfectly, we at Lichi Copy can give you that exact extra little push needed to swiftly and accurately upgrade your content.

Lichi Translations provides you with various levels of editing and copywriting services: light proofreading; editing and upgrading existing texts; customizing content (original or translated) to specific target audiences; or even creating completely new content for you.