Recent studies demonstrate that more than 400 million people speak Spanish as a native language, qualifying the language as the second largest spoken after Mandarin.

As the world progresses with its connectivity, we at Lichi translation agency in Israel receive various translation requests for Spanish to English and vice versa projects. As an online company, we serve many international project from organizations located in countries (North America, East and West Europe, and Middle East) who wish to improve their business relationships and connectivity.

The services we provide include Spanish Oral TranslationsWritten Translations, Simultaneous Translations and other services.

Spanish Translation Documentation Types

The type of documentations that require Spanish Translations include: medical documents, legal paperwork, financial reports, technical manuals, marketing material and more.

In order to provide premium Spanish translations, our organization operates in close relationship with expert native Spanish speaking translators from all over the world. This ensures we provide a quick and effective service, which is uniquely adapted to the customer’s needs.

Spanish Interpretation types

• Consecutive translation for meetings, delegation visiting Latin America or Spanish speaking guests visiting your company
• Simultaneous translation for conferences, training courses
• Spanish interpreter for conference calls
• Legal interpreter in court

Client examples using Lichi’s Spanish Translations include:

Amdocs: English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation of technical documents as well as interpreters in various countries in Latin America for training courses and meetings
Netafim: User guides for irrigation equipment
Totally Pregnant: Videos and content translations for pregnancy application

Contact us today, for an estimate on the Spanish translation services regardless of your location or timeline requirement.