Lichi Translations is a center in Israel for transcription and subtitling services, used by many video producers.

Legal Transcription

We offer professional transcription services of recordings for legal purposes. Transcribing legal recordings requires maximum accuracy in every detail, as they serve as evidence in court.

The transcriber needs to listen to the text several times to fully comprehend each nuance – as each mistake could turn out crucial at court, a risk you simply cannot afford.

The transcribed text is typed into a special file format, and everything said is thus documented in a manner true to its origin, in strict accordance with the rules of legal transcription. The transcription is presented to the court together with an official translator declaration. When transcribing one should also consider the number of speakers, to guarantee 100% compatibility between the spoken recording and the typed file.

For all these reasons, it is important to turn to a reliable skilled transcription and legal translations agency, such as Lichi Translations.

Video transcription services

We offer transcription services of videos and incorporate subtitles in both the original language of the video, plus adding translated subtitles.

The transcription can be performed in two methods. You can edit the video clip and insert the text for each language on each video file itself, or you can use the Youtube interface for translated subtitles. YouTube’s interface makes it possible to add subtitles for several languages. These subtitles are considered as text and bring great search engine results.

Google scans the video as a text file. All the translated subtitles are scanned together with the subtitles translated into another language. This means that a video with subtitles will receive better search engine results.

Today in the instant and video era, some audiences prefer video messages to reading texts. Additionally, people often prefer to watch videos with the sound off, so any video with subtitles means that your video will be that much more accessible and relatable.

Having your message in both audio and text can help ensure that your message can be heard (and read) by everyone, no matter what.

We recommend that you transcribe your video in both the original language and add the translated languages – thus exposing your video to larger and diverse audiences globally. We’d be happy to provide you with this service.

In today’s media-rich world, where so much depends on sound and vision, it’s reassuring to know that the Lichi Translations agency in Israel can deliver transcription and subtitling services efficiently and accurately.