Localization is the service of adapting translated content to the target audience. In addition to translating the content from one language to another, we adjust it culturally to a desired ‘look-and-feel’. Lichi in Israel is your localization translation agency. 

We translated the content of the Diamond U.S.A company’s website from English to Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. The company’s brand page featured a touching story about a gentleman purchasing an exquisite diamond ring for his fiancée for their wedding. This story had appeal because of its relevance to local customs.

In addition to translating into each of the required languages, we adapted cultural characteristics specifically to suit each of the target audiences: different character names, their physical appearance, description of the environment where the scene takes place, etc. We thus created the ‘look-and-feel’ that the target audience can easily relate to.

QA – our Quality Assurance process guarantees high-quality, accurate translation. Our software localization services include a translator with IT, software expertise who works on-site at your company or connects to your system remotely. The QA specialist checks all the screens and ensures that the translation is correct and appropriate, that the texts match the display, and that no sections have been deleted accidentally.

Translating English to Spanish, for example, produces 20% more text. A company constructing a website, localizing software, or designing a catalog must consider this extra text and allow for the necessary space. If the translation is inserted automatically and not checked, the text may be cut and not displayed properly.

Lichi translation agency in Israel is the right place to come for localization and QA in a wide range of languages.