Eytan Liraz & Co Law Offices

International Legal Translations

Lichi Translations often helps Law offices with various translation requirements. One example of that is Eytan Liraz & Co law offices. They are an Israeli law firm who mainly specializes in commercial law, litigation, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology law and real-estate transactions.

“During a very hectic time while working with a client in the USA, we needed an on-going help with urgent legal translation services for files which were 10-18K words to be delivered to us within 24-48 hours.

Lichi’s project manager, Reut Sheffer, helped us keeping these tight deadlines working in non-standard hours (evenings, weekends) and also provided us with very high quality translations (Hebrew to English) done by legal translators and lawyers. We would like to express our satisfaction from her great help, professionalism and human attitude, and also from the great work her translators do.”

Lichi translates legal contracts, statements of claim and statements of defense and legal files for dozens of law offices around the world. Among our expertise is to provide professional, knowledgeable translators who have specific market knowledge.

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