1.25 billion people speak Chinese.

From the very start, Chinese has been at the hub of Lichi Translations’ work. Mikhal Heffer, CEO and founder of the company, studied Chinese and East Asian Studies in Jerusalem and Beijing, and began her professional career as a Chinese interpreter. Today, we employ dozens of Chinese speaking translators and interpreters all over the world, so that Chinese can be just another easy language to understand.


Sample Chinese language projects:

  • The Israel Export Institute – translation of the website into Chinese.
  • CogniTensEnglish to Chinese translation of the company website and technical operation manuals. During the years in which we have worked with the company, we have also completed large projects in a variety of languages such as Japanese, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French.
  • Sandisk – translation of technical specifications into Chinese.
  • Israel Chamber of Commerce – large teams of Chinese-speaking interpreters for accompanying business delegations from China.
  • Chromasens (Germany) – translation of technical specifications and graphic layout for an exhibition in China.
  • Terra Tech (USA) – translation of legal documentation from Chinese to English.
  • Ministry of Economy (Israel) – consecutive and simultaneous Chinese translators for business meetings and conferences.

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Did you know?

A few words about traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese:

Chinese has two types of script: the traditional Chinese script that has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years and the simplified script that was created in Communist China in 1949 as part of Mao Tse-tung’s program to teach the masses to read and write. Many symbols were simplified and strokes removed in order to make them easier to use, while some were totally changed. China and Singapore readily adopted the simplified Chinese script, while Hong Kong and Taiwan still use the traditional form. Therefore, when translating a text into Chinese, it’s important to know who the target audience is.