125 million people speak Japanese.

As a company that has specialized in Asian languages since its inception, Japanese has always been an important part of the Lichi Translations world. In Japan and other locations around the world, we have dozens of translators who have a native-level command of Japanese and translate from, and into, Japanese. They are at your service for any project concerning the Land of the Rising Sun, even at times of the day when the sun has not yet risen…


Sample Japanese language projects:

  • TevaJapanese interpreters who accompanied management representatives and delegations visiting Teva plants in Israel.
  • Totali – translation (of texts and video subtitles) of an application for pregnant women into Japanese and Spanish.
  • Agon Shū – 25 Hebrew, English and Japanese speaking interpreters accompanied 400 members of the Agon Shū sect on their historic visit to Israel.
  • Nikon Europe – placement of Japanese speakers in fulltime employment.

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Did you know?

The Japanese make every attempt to avoid using the word "no" explicitly. The use of the word "no" ("iie") is considered impolite and is used only when there is no choice and a factual question calls for a negative response.

Harmony, modesty and avoiding attention are an extremely important part of Japanese culture, which is why it's considered perfectly acceptable to express total agreement with the person you're conversing with, even when you don't agree with them at all.