How to leverage the momentum you create in networking events?

Are you familiar with the moment, upon arriving home from a networking event or a conference, and your pockets and wallet are filled with promising business cards, and we, just like them, promise ourselves that this time, we will follow-up on the new connections we made and won’t let them fizzle away and be lost?

If this situation sounds familiar, but you do not always find the time to maintain all of the new connections you made, it is time you knew the new follow-up method 24-7-30 recommended by Dr. Ivan Misner, the C.E.O and founder of BNI- the largest networking organization in the world.

24- Make the initial contact within a day

Which means of course, the first 24 hours after the meeting, during which time it is recommended to add the details you gathered into your contact list, and to address all of the people you met in writing, via e-mail or by any other means. It is advised not to wait but to act immediately, while your memory is still fresh. So, send your first message saying you were very pleased to have met them, and that you hope to stay in touch further on.

7- This is the time to act

During the first week after the meeting, and preferably as close to the beginning of the week as you can, is the right time to keep the promises you made to the people you met during the event: send the materials you promised to send, execute the connections you said you’ll make and in addition send your company profile, in order to deepen and establish the first impression you made.

Once you have done all that- wait a couple of days and follow-up by phone to ensure that the materials you sent, were indeed received. The follow-up call can also be a great opportunity to set up a meeting if you wish.

And what else?

Another recommended suggestion for the first few days after the meeting is to connect with the people you met using the informal channels of social networking. Therefore, whether your scene is Facebook, LinkdIn, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram- send a personal message which does not include a marketing pitch, and thus keep the option of connecting with them directly.

30- meeting for the second time?

Should you wish to deepen your acquaintance with some of the people with whom you exchanged details, set up a meeting with them within a month from the event. If you find it hard to set up a time which is convenient for both of you, consider the option of having an online meeting.

Whether the 24-7-30 method suits you or whether you prefer to adhere to other time tables- the most important thing is to maintain the connections you made, since follow-up is an integral part of any marketing and sales process.

Remember, the business connections we build, are the relationships in which we not only receive but also but also give. Therefore, pay attention to the other side’s needs, try to help them with connections, referrals and good advice- since there is nothing like giving to strengthen the connection and in the long run it will always be worth your while.

We at Lichi Translations love networking. We have established our own networking platform – Lichi Business Forum, to offer our clients opportunities to network and are active members of BNI – Business Networking International.

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