Remote Interpretation

We all know that we live in a global village and that business is done in different locations around the world with the click of a button or on a computer screen.

But what about interpretation? How does it fit into today’s technology?

Remote interpretation is one of the newest trends in the world of translation and interpretation, and many startups are now developing technologies to support this field.


Lichi Translations participates in international translation conferences and is introduced to the most current, up-to-date solutions on the market which it then offers to its clients.


Remote interpretation enables interpretation in real time from anywhere to anywhere on the globe. This technology can be used for simultaneous interpretation at conferences that are broadcasted all over the world, for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation during webinars, and interpretation for conference calls and phone calls. All of these are done in real time by interpreters who are not physically present at the location where the event is taking place. In remote interpretation, the audience too doesn’t have to be physically present at the location of the event, but can also connect through an interface…

We are linked to companies providing diverse solutions for remote interpretation to allow you to sit on your couch at home in New York and to listen to an excellent simultaneous translation from Chinese of a lecture being given in Beijing or chat in fluent English with a Japanese client.


Sample remote interpretion projects:

  • ANSYS: A team of simultaneous interpreters did remote interpretation for a conference in the United States. The project was carried out in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This involved working jointly with a Swiss technology provider that offers an online interface allowing one to login to lectures while hearing simultaneous translation into the language of one’s choice.
  • Meir Hospital: A call center in several languages for patients coming to the hospital for treatment. The languages requested are Chinese, Thai, Russian, French and others

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