Translations bridge a communication gap between people and businesses. Today, the French language is spoken by over 220 million people around the world. Additional countries include Belgium, Canada and close to 30 African countries. For Lichi in Israel, French translation is one of the key activities.

To overcome the wide communication gaps, Lichi translation provides simultaneous interpretation, written localizations, video subtitling, documentations and more. These services ensure that messages are carried through wisely, with the original intention in mind.

Cultural French Translations

French is one of the most important diplomatic and influential languages today, being used by NATO, Olympics committee, Economic organizations, the world trade organization, the European commission and more. In many countries, the ability to speak French is crucial when it comes to any types of international communication.

This is the reason that French translations must be conducted with a careful consideration of any cultural value.

Common misunderstanding when it comes to France and French Translations

The French community takes much pride in their language, culture, national icons and are therefore less accepting of offensive comments.  This is often viewed as dismissal of foreigners, and can be lost in translation.

A phrase like…

‘Ah, la vache!’ which literally means ‘Oh, the cow’ – but really means ‘Oh my goodness’ or

‘Aller au charbon’ which translates to ‘Go to coal’ but should be understood as ’ to do something really difficult.

Both examples might be misunderstood and interpreted negatively.

How to overcome French Translation obstacles when it really matters?

  1. Ask questions. This not only helps you, but lets the other side know your struggles
  2. Use professional services like Lichi Translation’s experts. What you are experiencing, the experts already learned to overcome and in the best possible way
Lichi translation agency in Israel has strong skills in French translation and interpretation. We serve a wide range of businesses and undertake translation projects of every kind.