128 million people speak German!
Thanks to our considerable experience in translating into German for a wide range of clients, you can enjoy high quality, effective written translation or interpretation services.

Sample German language projects:

  • Polymer Logistics – translation of a press release into three languages: German, French and Dutch.
  • Hexagon Metrology – translation of operating manuals – of several hundred pages – into many languages, including German.
  • Light Instruments Ltd (Syneron) – translation of articles, questionnaires, press releases and documents from English into German, French, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, etc.
  • Lynx (Germany) – translation of financial documents from Dutch to German.
  • Rambam Health Care Campus – translation of the hospital brochure into several languages, including German, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic and Russian.
  • Heterotech – translation of medical papers from English to German, French and Spanish.

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