Still need translators in the Modern Age?

Will translators go the way of telephone switchboard operators, bank tellers and travel agents, or will they still be in demand? Do advances in AI and Machine Translation signal a final turning point? No, says Lichi Translations CEO Mikhal Heffer, translators are here to stay – as long as they can adapt.

Important aspects of German Translation

German is a complex language that needs a high level of mastery to achieve an appealing text. As with every culture, it’s the small nuances of expertise that give a translated text its authenticity. These are the standards of Lichi Translations in Israel when handling German translation.

Working with AI and Machine Translation

Does Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation signal the end of conventional translation – or mark a new phase? Lichi Translations reckons that it opens the way for exciting new opportunities.

How to follow up after meeting new contacts

You finally get home after a conference, event or even a short networking session. Your pockets, wallet, handbag and whatnot are full of business cards. Does that sound familiar? How many times have you promised yourself, “This time, I really will keep in touch, instead of letting these promising connections just fade away?” I’m sure […]

How do you get an effective technical translation?

Mikhal Heffer, the CEO of Lichi Translations agency in Israel which specializes in technical translations, outlines three key guidelines for doing excellent work – Preparation, Credentials and Enrichment.

Get translated websites done right

Converting your website into another language can take a lot more than translation. The payoff is a website that really works for its living. Lichi Translations covers the main points to consider.

A Land of Milk and Honey – and Sea…

This is an article published in Outdoor Swimmer magazine. For once, it’s not about translation, but about enjoying Israel. More specifically – for all of you who like to do some swimming exercise in the sea rather than in a pool. Check it out.

Spanish Translation Services

Spanish is spoken as a native language by more than 400 million people worldwide. It’s the second largest spoken language after Mandarin Chinese. Lichi provides a wide range of services in Spanish – oral and written translation, simultaneous interpretation, website translation and much more.

French Translations – Lichi Style

French is spoken by over 220 million people around the world. The francophone world includes Belgium, Canada and many African countries. The language has great cultural nuance and finesse. So a good French translation will always include rich insight into French cultural values.

Lichi Translations case study

Smartcat provides the tools that makes it possible to speed up website translation – computer-aided translation (CAT) and machine translation technology. This case study discusses how Lichi works with them. It’s also a fascinating review about Lichi.

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